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Like me? Why do you think we need this then, if people would just do as required when the light turns yellow then there would be no need for red light cameras. Blame all you want, but its true. As people pack the intersection because its yellow they are all in the wrong and you know it. Its called safe driving and like speed cameras, they are a tool to deter people from doing so. As most of my family is LEO anything they put in place that creates safer drivers does not bother me in the least. Ive seen many situations where people minding their own business hit by someone not paying attention or trying to save 60 seconds for a light. Dont give me crap about it not saving lives unless your ready to start dragging out some stats. They work regardless of reason they do work. They create a ton of revenue as well for the businesses involved becuase people do not want to stop. As for them giving anyone a ticket regardless of circumstance that is not true at least here in Florida you get a video, as well the timing the light was yellow or red. If you were stuck in the intersection it will show in the video and your clear of charge.