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Originally Posted by Squawks
I was trying to do Boreal on Dec 29, Thursday, and the whole place was packed shoulder-to-shoulder. There were lines for the lifts - three per lift, each line about 50 yards long.

What was worst is that there was a 4 hour waiting line for rentals, so I said forget it. Then me and my g/f bought our own gear almost on impulse. Damn it.
Boreal is alwayss crowded, isnt it? I think it's crowded because most of their lifts only seat 2 adn it's cheaper than other places.. so a LOT of beginners and people who aren't strong skiiers go there. Plus.. its also the closest one to most people in the bay area so it's "the one" to go to. However, the only have a few lifts and again, it only seats 2 per lift. BLAHH not worth the wait. If you guys do head up there again, check out their IRIDE card if you guys don't have a season pass. 2 trips gets u teh next trip free. ;] nice deal