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Originally Posted by bmwforme View Post
NY has no such caveats, NY Dept of Finance only wants money, hire a traffic lawyer, pay double ticket value on your 30 over speeding ticket and now its not a moving violation anymore, you have no points, they have a lot of money. And if that is your idea of a good way for a city to make revenue, you should move up here, they would love you but to each their own..

and here are some stats.. and a debate..

Yes I understand that you're not supposed to jump in if you know you can't make it, but try making a left turn without entering the box and you won't make it anywhere, but I understand a lot of people are irrational with their decisions.
You are allowed to enter an intersection on green or yellow, and you are allowed to clear the intersection on red, if you entered on green or yellow.

Believe it or not, there are people who can't understand that. All a New Yorker has to do to experience that is drive 85 miles to the south. Suddenly, nobody alternate merges and they come to a complete stop on green behind the line, if they think they can't complete their turn on green. Stupid.