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Rattle Warranty extended

Dropped off my 335 (2007 56,800mi no warranty) at Life Quality in Brooklyn today. Was told that they couldn't find anything related to this, and that no warranty had showed up on their computers. I emailed the SA while at his desk with a pdf of the document posted here (thank you op). He showed it to the general manager, and told me that its not a warranty or recall, "it was just a service bulletin."

The SA then proceeded to explain that they will need to run a diagnostic on the car, which will cost a smooth $209.95 if the problem is not related to the SIB. I was confident that it was in fact the rattle, and signed off on the document.

8:20AM - Dropped of the car
4:20PM - Called SA, car hasn't been looked at yet "Be patient"

First time dealing with BMW repair center, and not very impressed as of now.
Saw the car get valeted straight to the parking lot when I was leaving.

Hopefully. (fingers crossed) the problem will be fixed. I'll keep you guys updated on my progress.