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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
I have the L7 no iDrive in my car. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (blew one of my under seat subs) I decided to do some upgrading.

1. Add in trunk Sub JL Audio W3v3 2ohm powered by a JL Audio JX500/1D this will be mounted in a custom corner box.

2. Replace under seat subs with SWS 8xis. ( I understand that these are not the best for midbass, and I am okay with that) I will be running these off a JL Audio JX250/1. I will wire them in parallel.

3. Technic Harness (Already purchased) The Add a sub wiring is pretty straight forward, no confusion there. Im a bit lost as to how to amp the under seat subs from the harness so if you have some insight I would appreciate it (if not im sure I can figure it out once I have everything.)

So if you guys could give me some feedback/suggestions on this. Id appreciate it. Thanks
Do not underestimate the importance of the underseats. They are the "bridge" between the front stage and the sub stage, as long as you choose the right driver. If you choose the wrong driver - cough...SWS-8...cough - then you will always have a "hole" where all that awesome midbass is supposed to be, and the front and sub stages will be audibly separated from each other.

If you look in the FS section, someone posted a link to an ebay auction for a pair of Kicker SSMB8s. If I were you, I'd grab those!

Also, if I were you I'd got with a W6 if you can fit it, but make sure the enclosure is at least .7 cu ft. Under that go with the W3.
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