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Originally Posted by stg3MB335i View Post
Thanks Mike, yeah I'm very excited to get this meth working, it's in, along with the 2 step launch control, NLS, but need to talk to Shiv, still waiting on that, Both the meth and 2 step arent communicating with procede so Rob said i might have a faulty procede and that theyll send me another one, so i can get these working, Oh and a friend of mine want's to tape me "on a road in mexico" haha running a FBO GTR, But before that, i'd like to get those FFTEC stickers on my car, so lemme know when you get those in! Thanks again man!
I think i might know what is wrong with your meth, could be the same issue that JMARS and I are seeing. If it is, it should be an easy fix. I sent an email to Shiv, but he is out today, so hopefully he gets back tomorrow. I'll shoot you a PM.
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