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Originally Posted by smi1gj View Post
did either of the single turbos run? Jmars? georgiatechcoupe?
I ran but my car had some bugs (no meth, MAP sensor connector was messed up so a wire fell out). Also the map sensor being messed up was making my timing really bad.

I also had problems launching. Car is way too hard to launch without 2step, too much lag. And everytime I used the 2step my car would start rolling past the beams. Also, I didn't realize the NLS was turned on all the time so my shifts were very crappy.

I was running 13 and 14s 1/4 miles with 3.0s 60'. I never had a clean run that would be close to indicate what it was capable of.

I'l prob be able to run this Friday. Only have 1 bug left to troubleshoot and I think I know the problem, just waiting on Vishnu for the solution (which should be very easy and only a software or very minor wiring change).
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