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So you shouldn't have to program the radio or mulf at all, only reset them (many have programmed unmodified FSW_PSW.MAN jobs to the same effect). Did you try running SG_RESET on the entire car all at once? In any event, giving you a FSW_PSW.MAN from a working 2URAD is 1) impossible, at least for me: most people can't program 2URAD with a K+DCAN cable. Maybe it's a daten thing, but I don't think so: my radio resets no problem, but I get a "module didn't respond" error trying to program it (not the error you got, my coding setup knows where to find it). It's also 2) bad - the FSW_PSW.trc is generated by reading present values from your own ECUs. Giving you a file read from a different unit may well have subtle differences or codes that don't exist in your hardware revision but do in mine, vice versa, etc etc.

By the way, what car do you have? I know E91, but specifics are critical.