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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
So I'm PRETTY SURE my car (e90 LCI 328i) has active tire pressure monitoring. In the BC menus, I can set the pressure units to either PSI or kPa, suggesting that somewhere, actual pressure values will be displayed. The question is, where? Is there anywhere to actively look at the tire pressures? Does the measured pressure pop up if the TPMS flags it as low?
Unlike some other manufacturers, BMW does not chose to display actual individual tire pressures. I have no idea why there is a iDrive setting for pressure units - it's not available on non iDrive equipped one series models - but it is apparently a dummy setting for the US. So if you discover some way of getting a psi display, let us know!

Depending on the year and software reflash, the TPMS error message will indicate which tire is low. It generally comes on when the pressure has dropped about 25% below the baseline setting.