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Originally Posted by roadkillrob View Post
In the US it is the same retards, but they shot on CraigsList, but basically the same experiences - everyone calls and is a moron - has no clue about what they want or need. Some even seem to just be shopaholics, they want it, going to come get it right away, get all the info and then never show. Even trying to give good stuff away isn't worth the effort, I just throw half it away - my favorite is the lack of intelligence - even if I put in the add that you will need a truck of van because you are picking up something giant, people just show up in their civic and then think it is my problem to get it to fit!!!

My wife even had one woman buy some new things that we had for our bathroom - towel bars etc - like $150 of stuff for $25 all new in boxes, then she calls back a few days later says they look used, we don't have time to deal with her shit, so we just leave the $25 on the front porch while we are at work and tell her to pick it up and leave the towel bars, but she just drives over, steals the money and keeps the stuff - people just suck - don't really care about the money, but makes me trust people a little less!
I'm sorry but if you thought enough of a complete stranger to pick up money and leave merchandise, you are dreaming in color.