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Originally Posted by forever_speed View Post
Everyone will tell you michillen super sports. These are obviously amazing tires for spirited driving and performance. I do not agree that they are good cost value. I had the choice between Continetal extreme contact dw or the super sports. The deciding factor for me at least was the tread life. The SS are 30,000 to 40,000 and the DW are 60,000.
There is no free lunch. When you compare the Pilot SS to the RE090A's or Pilot Sport PS2s, the SS's are considerably less expensive and from what I've heard last longer. And they came on 599 GTB's.

Where do you get these numbers? SS are 30-40, DW are 60k? I had A/S RE960's on my Nissan, and they lasted 44k and were down to the TWI's. There's no summer tire that is designed to last 60k imho.

A set of Conti's will save you $196 over Pilot Super Sports. Tell me that $196 is not money well spent. We're talking about the things that make contact with the road.

Get some RS-A's, they'll last 70-90k if that's all you care about....