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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
Damn nice dude! Hows that ultrabook do on games? My previous build I had the i7 in and that build cost me about $3,200 with everything (speakers, keyboard, everything). My AMD build this time cost me $1,000 so I'm not complaining with that. About to see what Hitman: Absolution does at midnight on my PC. I got a promo for the graphics card I bought and received three downloadable games for free on Steam for buying it. Sleeping Dogs, Far Cry 3, and Hitman
i only play retro games, it's fine with those. the graphics is factory intel, probably not good enough for the new games. but for cpu-heavy tasks, the thing's smooth

laptops are a poor choice for pure gamers: alienware is probably the best of the bunch and it's costly. definitely stick to a desktop or custom build if gaming is your thing

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