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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Can you quantify the "little better" in this statement? Is it significant, as in can be felt? Is it significant enough that I'd take the weight penalty of running an 18x10 EC-7 (et33) rather than the 17x10 arc-8 (et25) ?

Thanks for your input
For road racing, it comes down to fractions of a second, and you would really feel is during slaloms or quick transitions. For most people, it is mostly feel and the difference is negligible. For race car drivers where every tenth of a second counts, that's when it the extra sidewall support comes into play. With that said, the 17x9.5" ET35 would definitely be less work and provide very similar results on the track with the same width tire in comparison to the 17x10" ET25 or even the 18x10" ET33. However, if you are using this setup to drag race, the 17x9.5" ET35 is better than the 18x10" ET33 EC-7.