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I think my insurance might have screwed me.

Hey guys, I got involved in accident recently and my insurance and I see differently on the issue. I was hoping I could get a second opinion and some advice from you guys because I think I am getting screwed and I would just like some input regarding the matter.

I got into a car accident (there was no other party involved) and both my front and side airbags deployed. My insurance pretty much covered everything, but they said that they found damage on my roof by the passenger side. There were a few dents that looked more like ripples, and there is no point of impact or scratch that would indicate an exterior collision of any sort. My insurance decided that they couldnt cover the roof and said with absolute certainty that the ripples werent caused from the accident. However, I argued that the ripples could have been created from the side airbags deploying. In any case, I paid an extra $1000 bucks to replace the roof.

I also had some issues with the bearing, and once again the insurance decided to only cover the knuckle and not all the parts required. After about a month of driving it, I heard loud whirring noises coming from the wheels. I had my shop check it out again, and they said that the bearings on my left side are worn/cracked and need to be replaced. Once again, the insurance chose to only cover a portion of it, citing that the damage wasnt related to the accident (even though it was) and I forked out another 500 bucks.

Do I have a case here? I'm mostly concerned about the roof because they completely rejected my argument when I thought it was a plausible explanation. Would I be able to appeal this with my insurance, or will I have to take this to small claims court? I have Farmers.

Thanks for any advice or tips you guys can give me. This ordeal has left me on the verge of destitution and I am very upset with how my insurance company is treating me.