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Originally Posted by MerciZizou View Post
I have tried to find the answer by reading through this whole thread and still haven't found it. Maybe someone can help me decipher this:

I have a 2008 335i sedan with I-Drive (production date 11-02-2007)

The options i have on it are the following:

S609A - Navigation System Professional
S620A - Voice Control
S639A - Preparation for mobile phone cpl. USA/CDN
S655A - Satellite Tuner
S677A - HiFi sytem Professional DSP
S694A - Provisions for BMW 6 CD Changer
S925A - Dispatch Protection Pack

I listed these just in case any of them affect each other.

My question is: The only thing i wan to add is the USB option (6FL).

As far as i understand (I know i could be wrong) the only thing i need to make this work is the actual 6FL kit, install by connecting to existing TCU and code it to work?

Please any and all help is appreciated.
TCU don't work for 6FL.

the 6FL kit should come with a MULF2 which controls the USB and Aux in. your cd changer may or may not work after this retrofit. if you currrently do not have bluetooth phone, you may want to do the retrofit at the same time.