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Need AutoX Tires/Wheels

I've been searching but not really finding the answer I'm looking for.

I'm new to autocross but I've just about had it with my daily driver wheels & tires. My wheels are a staggered 19" setup and tires are Falken 452's. I could certainly keep running on this setup to help me practice recovering from sliding and my rear end coming out (not necessary) as that's all that happens when I try to put power to the ground. Not to mention these tires don't exactly have a lot of tread on them and they aren't cheap.

I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on this hobby (yet) and I've read going 255's on all four corners is the way to go. What is the most economical setup to get into without blowing the bank?

Cliffs Notes:
I need 4 wheels and 4 tires dedicated to autocross. I don't have a lot of money to blow on this hobby as I've only been a few times but driving my staggered 19" setup on glass tires is no longer an option. Options?