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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
In Illinois I've noticed they are reducing the yellow light cycle. One intersection, with a red light camera, the yellow was two seconds! Studies have shown red light cameras cause more accidents and they are just a revenue stream for the local municipality. Dont ask for evidence...Google it yourself. My old college friend is a State Rep and has been fighting these damn red light cameras for a few years.
I believe it is Seattle that was planning on pulling them. Stupid drivers are causing more accidents slamming on the brakes for the red lights (yeh, they could just learn how to drive....)

They also noted that they weren't a revenue stream. It was costing more in issuing the fines, disputes, camera calibrations, etc than they received back in revenue.

Personally, I'm glad they are there. They just installed a new one on the offramp going to work. Normally, if the light was green, I'd cross the intersection at 50mph. The other day, say the light, thought "hmmm... wonder if that's a speed on green as well", so I slowed down to 30. Lucky I did, as some a$$ blew through his red light (which was red for ~20 seconds already) going the other way doing 50MPH. If I hadn't slowed, I'd been smeared across the intersection.