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Originally Posted by E90cruisin View Post
The thing is that the chrome trim is the standard trim. No one will "upgrade" their trim to chrome. Only reason I would buy it is to have it painted, then swap mine out. Just so I do not have downtime between the painting. I wouldnt buy it for $250 though.
I understand your thought, I tend to disagree with you, yes most people would not "upgrade" to the chrome trim, but the chrome trim is actually more expensive to buy then the black trim. It may be standard but, like i said, there are some people that might like the look of the chrome trim better then the black trim, so if their car happen to come with black trim and they want the chrome trim this would be the perfect solution. Its all about what a person likes and as for our price if you were to have to go to a dealer and get just one of the big pieces they are going to charge you 150+ were offering everything for 250, it would be hard to get all this new for under 450 anywhere else if someone happens to be looking for the chrome trim you really cant beat the price we are trying to sell them at. Thats fine if you wouldn't buy it but i believe someone else will and if its what they are looking for it shouldn't be to hard to get the price we are asking for it.

and if you are thinking about painting your trim, i would advise you not to, you will have nothing but problems, the paint will come off very easily, wrap it in a quality vinyl and it will last much longer then paint.
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