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Originally Posted by Manny_World View Post
I have a good relationship with my dealer and they told me to bring my car in stock so they could replace my turbos under this warranty. I just crapped out because I threw away my stock charge pipe years ago. On a positive note, I'm upgrading to RB's soon so not sweating it.
Yeah, that's the main thing. As long as it comes in stock and has a legitimate wastegate failure, you should be good to go. Most dealers and Techs/SA's are easy to work with if you do that -- even if they know the car was modified.

But bringing in a modifed car and expecting a flat-rate Technician to remove/install aftermarket parts (intercooler, downpipe, etc.) during a warranty repair is another story. That's the sort of thing that will get your coverage denied. Bringing the car in 100% stock would be my advice for anyone considering getting this done.