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Electric water pump costs an eyeball. Well, all repairs cost a limb in general.
Engine leaks from everywhere every 50k miles.
The Bong is anoying and just intrude for any useless reason
- why being anoying when I don't have my seatbelt but I'm still in PARK. I'm not gonna through the windshield in park...
- Bong (noo, anoter water pump!~ ah no, its just 35 outside...)
- Keyfob can be removed when the car is still on, more bongs to complain about it
The electric seat doesn't set itself to the key that's used to open the car.
Trunk is not very large and has protruding shapes that further reduce usable space; and folding seats are an option.
Convenience window roll down triggers itself when seating on the key at home while the car is outside and its raining. It does not have convenience roll up (stupid).
inside paint is fragile, unsure if the paint is available for touchups?
window buttons are not ergonomic, the flasher light is invisible when you like to seat low.
The BT phone connexion forgets the settings from time to time (no clear reason why that happens).

That's about all. The rest is all joy :}

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