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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
I agree. I had an Alienware M17x built to my perfection and it was about $3,300 to my house. It started overheating on GTA IV and after I was sick of the performance with what I paid, I sent it back to them within 30 days. I decided to build a desktop for the same amount of money with Intel (i7, best mobo at the time, etc). After 3 years my liquid cooling exploded over all my components and lost everything. On my second build now with AMD. Personally, for the money, AMD seems to be the best budget based computer. But damn did the Alienware laptop look appealing as hell against my Dell Inspiron 1420..
hehe, i'm pretty loyal to intel, but likely based on personal experience and not unbiased stats. i've had 4 amd builds total, and they were all bad experiences:
1st: 286, bad deal (overpaid and behind the times), overall a shoddy setup
2nd: 386, again, was behind the times and not a great deal
3rd: k6 laptop, worked well but then was stolen by a bitter hoe
4th: thunderbird (built for counter-strike), was good for a ~1yr and then the entire thing went bust one day (cpu melted i think)

meanwhile, i've had some interesting experiences with intel:
first intel was a Pentium-133 that i got sr yr of high school. lasted all the way through college and then i handed it down to an ex (gf at the time). also have a dell p4 laptop that i got in '03. it still runs, actually not bad for web/email, just gotta wait 20 minutes for it to boot up. and then my current lineup, all still rockin'. there are more, but anyway, of all the pentium builds i've been involved with, only one actually broke (and it was the hd, not the cpu). the rest, most got handed down over and over until i lost track.

i'm still curious which setup in my lineup is most powerful for raw-force, the quad-xeon (woodcrests) mac or the i7 ultrabook. both are pretty smooth when it's a cpu-heavy task. the xeons are older but osx is also leaner. i don't think i ever saw the resource monitor on the mac report over 50% cpu use, so arguably 2 of my xeons haven't even been burned in yet. with more ram and an ssd, it'd probably be up there with the new stuff (though graphics upgrades are limited by the board).

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