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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
Mixing in 100 octane(or higher octane) isn't going to yield anymore power. Infact, you may make less. The higher the octane fuel the slower the flame front spreads meaning that timing must be advanced to maintain MBT. The DME will not automatically advance timing to account for this.
Defiantly not. This car ecu is defiantly advanced enough to yield more power with higher octane. Octane plays a huge role in power making. Our cars are smart enough to give more boost at high altitudes arent they? (doesnt jb+ make it think its at a higher elevation?) not a significant gain but you'll notice a difference between 100 octane and 93(91). It wont make it slower and will make more power. your car can make more power depending on the brand of super you put in it also.