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Originally Posted by jc5988 View Post
great, please share your before/after mod dyno
Will do. I have the lower powered 2.5l motor. I make 175bhp stock and I dyno'd in pretty much right there last night. I have another session set up as soon as I can get free. Probably next week. I will share all the results.

Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
Did you use e90 donor manifold or some other n52?

Looks very well made mod
I didn't use the stock manifolds except for measuring angles. These units are 100% stainless steel. 304 grade except for the flanges which are 409.

Originally Posted by Johnny D View Post
You finally got them done. Awesome! Can't wait to see the results. Im going to be installing my headers tomorrow night, so this has me even more pumped.
Set aside a decent amount of time. You may have done this before but here are the instructions per Bentley
  • Remove Cabin Air Filter
  • Remove Cowl
  • Remove Brackets holding wiring to the cowl
  • Remove Valve Cover
  • Unbolt Coolant Reservoir and Remove Sensor Beneath it. Push to the side.
  • Undo lower underbody panel. - Great to have removed in case you drop screws
  • Remove Exhaust system - you can get away with leaving it on

You want a swivel joint on your socket at times and some deep sockets. You will need a small extensions as well. Some o2 sensors you can unscrew while others it is best to just unplug.

If you are using a bms downpipe fix, read the instructions carefully on where they suggest the setting to be. You can read it wrong and set it too low. You will get a CEL like I did.

Originally Posted by Classycali View Post
Can't wait to see the results. Any installed pics?
I have a pic from underneath but you can't see too much.