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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
As for Andy's experience the red stuff's are a street low dust setup so you can't expect much performance from them. The pads are one of the most IMP parts of the whole setup.

Even the HP+ vs. HPS pads - there is a HUGE difference between them. So using much better pads on the BBK will definitely skew results.

Either way, thanks Andy for posting your experience in a mature manner without trying to throw insults around. I still think you're crazy for selling the orange brembo's though HAHA, they look amazing.
I won't bash on people's opinions. I actually learn some concepts of brakes from you lol.

I am just an amateur driver on the race track maybe I didn't push hard enough to overheat the brakes

To be honest, it's very hard to do so because it's always oil temp comes to overheat first before brake fading.