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Wow your tenants are taking you for a ride. But use their deposit to pay for the re lock. As soon as their lease is expired grab a camera and take pictures of anything that needs to be replaced of repaired. Also before they move out ask them for a forwarding address so you can mail them the deposit check. Then you make a list of all the items you replace or repaired, don't over do it either, if the carpet is dirty it doesn't mean you can replace, just hire someone to steam clean it. Make an itemize list on an excel spread sheet, showing what each item cost to repair and save receipts. Then send your tenant that list along with a letter stating that following items have to be replace and repaired and subtract it from their deposit. Make sure you mail it with delivery confirmation. You only have 2 weeks to do this so get going you might lose time but not your money. If they get pissed off just tell them to take you to court. You won't have to pay a dime. They have to pay to sue you for one and they have to serve you properly. Honestly it becomes a big head ache for them. Chances are they talk the talk at first but won't walk the walk when they see the headache. My family owns 7 rentals, I've been in this situation before and always won. PM me if you need more help.