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Originally Posted by asus389 View Post
My problem with having a RWD car in areas that have defined seasons or mild winters is the "in between" time. When it's consistently cold and snowy, my rwd e90 with snow tires as good or better than either of our other two cars with all seasons. One is a FWD honda and the other an AWD Lexus RX350. But when it's 30-40 degrees and dry on the roads like in spring or fall or when the temp swings from 30-60 every other day, driving my car with either snows or summer performance tires sucks. The summers don't grip well at those low temps and can be stiff and noisy. Those temps are also really too high for winters and they are squishy and noisy as a result. But yeah it's brilliant in hot summer and dead of winter. I suspect an xdrive with all seasons would handle spring/fall better.

As far as "feel" goes, I can tell the difference in steering feel and body roll between the xi and the RWD models. My rwd car has the sports suspension.
+1000 I hate the balancing act with tire swapping during the "in between" seasons.

I am so envious of the traction Xdrive guys have especially when tuned. I am FBO/tuned and traction is pretty much non existent for me unless its a 50+ MPH highway roll. Oh and that's in the summer time. AWD and tune only 335xi have no problem keeping up with me because I am too busy spinning tires while they just hook and go. No more powerful RWD cars for me.
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