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Originally Posted by R608 View Post
I think it's pretty awesome that the car is coming up on 200K and the worst you're complaining about is some cumbersome aspects to servicing it.
Well it’s more than that really. The cumbersome aspects of servicing it have nothing to do with the car's longevity. My background is in manufacturing engineering. The issues I've mentioned bring a whole lot of unnecessary expense to designing and manufacturing the car. It's a classic case of engineering challenge that is unnecessary. I was taught long ago by an Engineering Manager that "engineers are like horses, they will eat until they die". In other words a lot of engineers don't know when to say "good enough."

If you've ever taken the parts I discuss above you'd appreciate the preciseness of the fit of each part with the other, but it takes a lot of engineering time (even with CAD/CAM) and manufacturing cost to get these levels of fit (i.e. part tolerance). And the point is none of it is necessary for the car to run any better or last any longer. BMWs are expensive, but I'd rather see the costs of designing and manufacturing these parts (the car has many others just like it) into either a price reduction, or better part performance, say like a HPFP, or A/C compressor, or an electric waterpump that lasts the life of the vehicle like it should.

In particular the waterpump. It fails due to heat that can't be properly dissipated from the control electronics, or in some cases the motor windings. I'd rather see a less precise fit of under-hood engine cowlings and a more robust electric-motor water pump, or at least some obvious warning system that indicates a failing waterpump before it actually fails.