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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
The F30 belongs to my mate. I'll get some more pics next time of the F30. It's beautiful in Estoril blue.
F30 is growing on me and especially in Estoril blue.

Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
We opened the OEM sub enclosure in order to fit the XL woofers in there as the cone is about twice the depth of the enclosure. We cut away the bottom and then sealed it back in place around the floor so it's still a ported unit in the same way as stock. We silliconed the mounting blocks (12mm MDF) into it as well and mounted the driver there.
Dave, would it be possible to post a pic for this mod?
XL woofers seems deeper and I wonder how was the enclosure sealed from the bottom?

Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
One interesting thing, is for some reason underneath the stock underseat woofers is a big rubber bung. Remove that... And you're looking at the floor!

I've heard this is new for the LCIs and never used to be the case.

So obviously my woofer would not be sealed very well with this big hole (About the size of a 2p!)
Pre-LCI cars have same holes. I wonder why have they left it there?
May be to fit those rubber bungs in those holes so that enclosures do not hit the body.

Just imagine, passing through flooded roads in E9X and you will be destroying your under seat subs.

And I always avoid flooded roads...not that I get a lot of choice.