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Originally Posted by xs2man View Post
Gonna give all your mixes a listen. What kit you use gIzzE?
Currently using an Allen & Heath Xone: DX with Serato itch.

Closest controller, well software, to a pair of CDJs at the time. Pioneers Rekordbox was based on Sarato itch, and it was the simplest software based set up.
I had a VCI100 with Traktor but it didn't feel raw enough for me, to software based, but the latest Tracktor is better, if you have the right controller.

I did the Silicone Soul mix using ableton, great software, and great for doing studio type mixes, but wouldn't want to play out with it, all a bit clinical.

Pioneer have a new controller for using with the latest Serato, so may have a go with that, not read up much on it though.

I love the CDJ2000s but too expensive, see there is a new all in one Pioneer unit that does talk to Rekordbox now, so will look into that as well.

To be fair though I just like finding music that I like and putting mixes together, I am 39 now, if I was still in my 20's and partying every weekend I would have some 2000's, but I am putting mixes together that let me listen to the tunes I have bought, so the mixing these days is a means to an end, I don't get off on just playing my tunes for hours on end like I used to.
Half the challange back then was managing a full 45mins of a tape side with perfectly matched beats, always the last mix of the set that let you down and so you started again, ever more the perfectionist!