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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
First before I begin, I apologize for the thread jack OP.
Well I got in trouble for a firearm being used to detain an "unarmed" person. He had a gun himself but I guess he tossed it or something when I shot him. Also, I never knew that you aren't suppose to have rubber "riot control" issued bullets. I mean hey, it doesn't kill?(well, if fired at correct areas it can) but they told me for having a rubber bean bag in my shotgun was illegal and I could've gone to jail if I did serious damage. I explained to the cops what happen and I still was fined for it (retarded right?) I was fined $6000 for protecting my property. My car is always kept behind the gate and he was on my property but did he get charged with breaking and entering without owners consent? NOPE! He instead got a fat check from me which ultimately I'm guessing he used to bail himself out of jail. "All" of my bullets were confiscated and I was to appear at court where the judge dropped the charge of using the firearm on an unarmed person and still had to pay 6000 for shooting him and whooping some ass on someone who obviously deserved it. What was he planning to do is what I asked him. Its not like he could've hotwired my car or stolen parts or anything.

When the cops came, which was under 1 minute being as I live about a mile away from the station, they came at me guns drawn with 5 cop cars and a Sargent. They asked me what happen I said, "This bastard broke into my gated driveway, broke my mirror piece to try and get in my car. The car was parked behind the gate so it is invisible to a person passing by. So when I found out there was someone destroying my property, I was scared for my life and my family's life as well so I grabbed my shotgun and loaded it with riot control bullets so I can stun him enough to keep him down until you guys arrived. I shot him because I thought he was going to break into my house and hurt my family and I."
They said he was "unarmed" and was heavily beaten... being as they had no proof he got the ass whooping of a lifetime from my rifle, they assumed I shot him multiple times. They asked the neighbors, which I am close with, about how many shots they heard. They all replied one and that they saw me detaining him. I'm sure my neighbors saw me whooping his ass but they kept quiet <3.
All I received from the police was a court notice to appear with the documentation of my gun registration along with the receipt of where the bullets where bought.
Of course china town doesn't give out receipts... so I made a deal and told them ill pay full ticket price right now if they don't ask for a receipt. Why? Because if they find out where I got the bullets, where the hell else am I gonna find someone who gives out riot issued stuff?! Of course him being my uncle doesn't help either lol.
Final wrap of costs:
Ticket = $6000
Rubber bullets = $200
Mirror casing = $300
Actually getting to use the bullet on someone and NOT miss the shot = priceless.
How's that for detailed? LOL