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Originally Posted by Titan 3 View Post
Hello gents,

I'm guessing this is redundant, but I'm having a hard time muddling through all of the variants in our stereos. I'm hoping you guys can clear some things up for me.

I have a 2010 E92 base stereo, and am planning to upgrade the front stage, and add a sub in the trunk. I wrote Technic regarding harnesses, but it seems he doesn't make a sub harness. I'm wondering if I can recode the HU to hifi and then grab the rear speaker signal to run the sub? How can I tell if my HU is one that will accept the recode?

Thanks for the insight!

If you just want to add a sub to your Stereo system then tap the woofer wires under the seats with a 2-ch LOC. Pin 2 is negative, pin 3 is positive.

That's it.