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lol! as long as you dont over power them then they would have no reason too! is that not the reason why people buy JL? for not only the performance of their products but also their build quality?

the excusions on the W7 are one of the main things that interested me in them!

in my opinion if you are going to under power a W7 then you may aswell not buy one, get something cheaper!

dont mean to offend anyone but i guess people have different views of why they buy JL products!

i guess its the feeling of knowing you have the power when you want it! its like having a a really powerful car, our roads in the UK dont permit you to drive fast continuously! BUT when you do get that opportunity! you know you have the power there to deliver!

Most Video's and examples of W7's i have seen have all had pretty big excursions!....Makkan felt a little underwhelmed by the W7 so this is what my discussion is based upon...from the video that he posted up, it seems like the W7 has a lot more to offer that what he was getting out of it is all
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