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CCD vs 3CCD: 3CCD Cams have a separate chip for recording RED, GREEN, and BLUE (thus a 3 CCD). Single CCD cams use one chip, but filter the RGB signal to the equivalent of a 3CCD. Yes, a 3CCD will produce better color, but IMHO it only matters if you're a pro. Your eye won't distinguish between the two types -- go for a CCD & use the extra money on your E90.

Recording Media DVD based, or MiniDV (tape) based? It all depends on your desired output. Once you pop the DVD out of a camcorder, thats it. You can't do any editing as the DVD is the final product. It also compresses the video (to fit more on the 30-minute Disc) so the quality is not that of MiniDV. If you think you might like to edit your video, MiniDV is the way to go as it is the standard with all video editing platforms, both consmer & pro. (If editing, I'd recommend a Mac!)

Oh, and forget about the hard drive based camcorders too. The video quality is poor, and the big drawback is that the video sits on a hard drive. Guess what happens to your video if the hard drive crashes. Exactly.

HD Camcorders Forget about them -- waaay too expensive! Just get a 16:9 widescreen capable cam & leave the HD to the pros.

I'd recommend a Canon Optura or Elura cam. For $499 you can get an Optura 400 MiniDV that records in widescreen (16:9) or standard. It also doubles as a 2MP digital camera which records pics to a removable memory card. Lastly, I'd stick with any Canon simply because their lenses are vastly superior to a company like Sony, Samsung, or Hitachi, etc.

You can find this cam at

Hope this helps!