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Originally Posted by themyst View Post
Well aware of what needs to be done. No hand job will be nearly as pretty as it came from the assembly but the point is it can be done, just much more time-consuming than something like a JB4.

Other option is to buy a new DME and have it recoded, pay hundreds to fix it.
Not disputing it can be done, just pointing out it is much different than the JB4 mod. JB4 mod is beginner level soldering. Changing D2-PAK FETs on a multilayer boards is more advanced and should be left to someone with the skill, experience, and tools to do the job. Your post at 6:12pm on 11/19/12 makes it seem as if the difficulty level is similar.

I just don't want someone without the proper experience, etc. to read this and think because they tackled the JB4 resistor mod, they can open up their DME and start changing FETs.