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Skidazzle is kind of stupid. The last time I went, they did offer free lift tickets to various resorts but they are *only* valid on weekdays with holidays and weekends blacked out. So me and my g/f basically had to take days off of work to go.

Enroutte, this was the first time I saw Boreal this packed. I've been there like 3 times already and it's never bad - Soda Springs next door is almost always deserted as well. I guess Dec 27-30 are the peak days of the season, as Boreal was literally PACKED. In the dining lodge, people had to sit and crowd the floors. There was a 15 minute line just to get into the food/serving area.

It is small, though - but still my favorite. I've been to Squaw, Kirkwood, etc. etc. - resorts with 2,000-4,000 acres (Boreal is puny at only 400 acres) but had bad experiences. Squaw, Kirkwood, and the Sugar Bowl all had super packed ice and the 'snow' was rock-hard. Bad, bad, bad.

Also, Boreal has lifts seating up to 3-4 people. Some of the lifts are "accelerated" too and go pretty fast.

EDIT: BTW, Enroutte, how do you manage to make posts - shouldn't you be in school? How's the college apps going - get any offers?