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Originally Posted by gpb View Post
??? I highly recommend stopping by an Autozone or equivalent and just getting a digital tire pressure gauge. They're cheap and a zillion times more accurate that any gas station air pump gauge I've ever encountered.

Plus, you're supposed to check tire pressure on cold tires; i.e. when they've not been driven on for a few hours. Driving to the gas station is likely to bump up the pressure a couple PSI. Not a big deal when you're looking for one tire being off from the others, but for best results I recommend having your own tire gauge and small compressor at home.

Which wheel is TPMS saying is low pressure?
yeah i was thinking about picking one up, there's a pepboys right by the gas station too, maybe i'll go there instead. i don't know which wheel, i don't have idrive so it just gives me the error message and says low pressure, but not which wheel man i miss the idrive i had on my 335i

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