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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
it didn't look too bad, but its best if you log in 3rd gear only. It was difficult for me to tell what gear you were in.

timing corrections looked ok, and timing/boost was where it should be for S1 Agg. IT appeared some throttle closures, but was hard to tell how you were going through your gears. you are AT correct? Did you have DTC on?

try this:

get in 3rd, stay around 2500 RPMs click log, wait a sec to ensure the COBB is logging. Go WOT, to redline. I go to 6400 RPMs then shift. either way is fine. If you want to log through 4th a bit you can.

please read this before logging again.
I tried this but everytime I get into 3 and around 2500 RPM and hit the throttle , it downshifts to second (regardless of what shift I am selecting using the automanual sport mode. Every run was started in third and immediately shifted to second through WOT and then to third. Is there a way to prevent the car from downshifting, (I can try to squeeze the throttle instead of going WOT right away - but by the time I hit WOT I'll be at least at 4500 RPM or so to prevent downshifts) Attached are new logs ... any help appreciated. thanks!!
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