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Scott is bang on with the DSG v DCT.
Get a proper twin clutch flappy paddle and there's no going back. Old man or not

Sister and pal have Roc's She has the petrol and he's got the 2.0Tdi. Nice cars but like the TT v A3 (or rather TTRS v RS3) i'd take the more practical shape any day (and did in the 8L hence the username!). I'd be tempted with ED30 or Golf R for the 4wd.

I'm late the party, but what about a Z4 35i with DCT (trying to suggest something not been mentioned before) It's RWD for starts..and the rest you know about.

And if you're looking a Pork don't forget Godzilla Quite a few up for sale at the mo and going for not much with very little depreciation ahead.