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Originally Posted by BigBoosting View Post
If you understand what the term supporting mods are then you would understand that for a pull or two the car is still happy on those maps.

The only thing that will happen is the car will be inconsistent between consecutive pulls due to higher IAT's, it should have nothing to do with fuel trims maxing out.

Stage 2 maps max my fuel trims as well. The JB4 I had was maxing fuel trims on map 5 with 30% E85. Others can run 50% E85 and not max the trims, so on multiple tunes my car is consistently maxing fuel trims well before others do.

I have an unlucky DME that seems to not have a the average fuel trim ceiling.
The supporting mods are also to keep your hardware components happy in addition to the motor happy. Running Stage 3 boost levels without having downpipes puts excessive strain on your turbos because of the large increase in back pressure. Ultimately its your car so if you want to cause hardware to prematurely fail that is certainly your choice. With the ignition drops you are likely getting running it more aggressive than your mods can support, your car is probably slower on Stage 3 than it would be on a lower stage. Poor consistency is poor tuning and not healthy for the engine, but its your engine so your call.

If you have a your DME flashed with Cobb or the Procede Flash and still max fuel trims, I would suggest you look into your LPFP. It may be weak/weakening and having issues keeping up with your fuel demands. Hopefully you get your fueling issues sorted out soon.