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Originally Posted by jdbretz View Post
The supporting mods are also to keep your hardware components happy in addition to the motor happy. Running Stage 3 boost levels without having downpipes puts excessive strain on your turbos because of the large increase in back pressure. Ultimately its your car so if you want to cause hardware to prematurely fail that is certainly your choice. With the ignition drops you are likely getting running it more aggressive than your mods can support, your car is probably slower on Stage 3 than it would be on a lower stage. Poor consistency is poor tuning and not healthy for the engine, but its your engine so your call.

If you have a your DME flashed with Cobb or the Procede Flash and still max fuel trims, I would suggest you look into your LPFP. It may be weak/weakening and having issues keeping up with your fuel demands. Hopefully you get your fueling issues sorted out soon.
Shiv posted a dyno run with logs of a DCI only car with Procede making 415whp and 440wtq to announce his new E85 50/50 maps. Do you think that car was on the stage 1 map? No it wasn't.

I never said that I get maxed fuel trims with the flash, I sent my DME off to get flashed to get rid of the maxed fuel trims. Not sure why you went that direction.

I love how you are attempting to come off so knowledgeable and make these huge assumptions without knowing a single fact about how my car is running. My car is running poorly or unhappy? Nope. I log my car all the time, the motor is completely happy running the maps I am. Zero timing drops and good AFR's, just maxing fuel trims in spots which again is a product of having an unlucky DME version that doesn't have the average fuel trim ceiling.