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Originally Posted by Dancccp View Post
As a follow up to my last post
Just got off the phone with my SA over at Life Quality

He notified me of SI B 11 13 07 (Attached)

Said that my car doesn't qualify for SI B 01 02 12 because of an outdated DME software. Mine is 06-12-510, needs to be 08-03-530 or higher.

The damage is as follows, 210.00 for the diagnostic + 2 hours of labor to reprogram= $480.00

Said that if problem is not fixed by the DME update, then they will proceed with SI B 01 02 12

They are keeping the car overnight, and will start programming tomorrow morning.
I thought dealers WANTED the warranty work because they get $ from bmwna? .. my SA did everything to push me away when I asked.
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