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Originally Posted by zeenon53 View Post
Now i'm confused, what does a heat gun do then?
Gently heats up the plastic housing to allow space for a screwdriver to get underneath and brake the seal.

Originally Posted by LuxAngelEyes View Post
I have opened up about 30 of these headlights since i used to the the CF wrap over the amber part. You need to set the heatgun to a fairly low temp so that the black plastic gets soft but not hot enough to burn or bubble the clear lens. After that you need to slowly pry the black plastic up so you can start breaking the seal on them. its not an easy process and its rather back breaking. You need to use a screw driver to break the seal and rip the glue apart that way
10-4. I confirm what Mark says. I used a blow dryer instead of a heat gun. It was enough to get the job done. My housing is mint. Not even mangled a bit. I will send pics when I get to it. Cutting, is the quickest and easiest way I am sure. It was back breaking for sure to use this prying process but it will look and feel best in the end.