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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
surprised that you have a blown crank case seal so early in her racing life... would have expected this to happen later. whats the damage to replace something like that?

is the harmonic damper a common point of failure as well?
Originally Posted by Tonybest View Post
My opinion

yes, but it will take them an extra day.
The S54 has many more serious defects. I'll take this one any day. Vanos issues are the worst, resulting in whole engine rebuilds. The crank seal has been known to go on all BMWs. Also the crank harmonic dampener has been known to split in half, so I'll replace that whilst I'm there.

Crank seal cost? The seal is about $15 with a few hundred in labour. It took a good portion of the morning just to figure out from where it was leaking. The engine bay was covered in oil. Until it could be all clean off, started up and run for a while ....

I hope she lasts a while before she goes kaput. I've already picked out my crate engine LS3 kit/tranny combo, so it's just a question of when ...
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