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Originally Posted by Tak1986 View Post
I dont think mine are from WSP , but still good quality! are you looking for 8j front and 8.5 J rear ? i think they should look great. mine are 8 J front and 9J rear, i got some photos on my pc could send it over to you if you want ?

since you're at the states, i have found the ag359 is much cheaper over your side, or set of Alufelgen ?


You're right. I missed seeing the ones like yours with the 18x9 rears on the Website. Can't make out the manufacturer on the centercap in the pics on BM Autosport's site, tho. They do look great on your car.

I have the Alufelgen CS7s in 19" on my car now and love the wheel but they don't make a good offset for the E9x in 18"...needs spacers to look right. I am looking at the AGs but I have a set of tires on my stock BMW 197s that are almost new and was hoping to use them. They'd be stretched on the AGs but perfect on the WSP version (18x8 and 18x8.5), which I have now read up on and seem like quality rims. would cost be almost $350 US to import them, bringing the total up to the cost of the AGs.

So...still thinkin'. Thanks for the input!
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