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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
Yes. Matt Juliar or Andrea Rebaltescue.

I only deal with them.

Ask for Rich to work on your car
Only one problem with this...

Rich is no longer under Matt Juliar so you either have to go with the good advisor or their best technician. Rich now works under Laszlo (as of a couple of months ago).

I have been going to Rich for several years now and have been switching advisors every time their teams get swapped.

Matt is awesome and laid back, but in the end, I try to stick with Rich since he will ultimately be the one working on the car.

I am quite anal about my car and go in for the slightest thing and Rich is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and honest. I had a pre-purchase inspection done with Rich and he gave me the all clear to buy my car. A week later when I went in for service and he saw a problem that wasn't covered under warranty that he had missed during his inspection (was going to cost an arm and a leg), he felt really bad that he took care of it himself with no charge just because he felt that he should have caught it. I don't know any other dealer affiliated tech that would do such a thing.

I have had great experiences mostly with BMW of Fairfax, but occasionally I have had to deal with one or two unpleasant advisors who valued the bottom line more than customer satisfaction or loyalty. I had one advisor try to tell me repeatedly I had to pay $150 diagnostic fee if I wanted them to look under the car to see if they saw anything wrong with the suspension, while I was in for service. I flat out said no and for them not to bother looking if they wanted to charge me such a b.s. fee when I do all my work there. I spoke with Rich and he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with my car without the b.s. charge.

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