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car does not start after coding


I just made problem on the car.

Using video here and NSC_DIY.pdf I did exactly what here is explained, was trying to activate door lock on certain speed (I am not sure about speed just changing nich_activ to activ).

Once this is done exactly as explained and without errors car just doesn't start. In couple try battery get low (also I was slowly coding before that by reading all 3x etc ...). I've changed back 5 options changed from nich_activ to activ but still nothing happen.

As newer has battery problem now as first need to go to buy battery charger at morning and then to find out what is the problem, I just hope someone here can have some idea what I should do.

The car is E90, 320d, VIN ending in KT70090
I was programming CAS only, like 7 KB file.
I do have backup of everything from modules, (220 KB file) just didn't tryed to put this back before recharge batter and ask here if someone have an idea what would be the problem ?

Just to add all details :
I've started progman before that with hope progman can have more descriptive values, but haven't done any update from progman. That did saved some values by reading "before retroffiting" but I haven't done any update after that. Sadly, didn't run car after progman is closed to be 100% sure this is not reason maybe.

Thank you in advance,

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