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Hey guys, now we have an investigation about the new Eonon remote controller. We'd like to simplify the buttons to make it as useful as possible, and in the simplest design. Your feedback is very important to this future controller. This small controller can be put in your steering wheel in the front. Do you think it's useful for you?

Please see the picture below for the buttons included, and ignore the ones with "X" which means removed buttons. Most others will be still remained except the Bluetooth hanging/receiving buttons. BT buttons are optional. Do you think you think it's necessary to keep it?

And what other important buttons you used a lot in your remote controller, but we haven't included in it in this picture? And feel free to tell us any other opinion about it.
(P.S. The buttons graphic design of the is not finished, so please ignore it in this picture.
PWR button means TURN ON, and MUTE. The house button means HOME, the arrow button means BACK)

Many thanks for your feedback guys!