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Originally Posted by Eric335
Hey E9XPost,

A local BMW indy-shop is offering to install AA (active autowerks) downpipes for $750. Should i go with this, or should i try to install VRSF downpipes myself? I dont have a lift/stands, but a friend could lend me his and help me out. The shop quoted installing the VRSFs for $280 (labor only), in effect making the AAs a better choice.

1) AA-dps installed for $750, or
2) Install VRSF dp's myself for $330

Ive never worked on car's before, other than changing out the spark-plugs myself, Procede, and AEs. Are DPs hard to install when the car is on stands, or should i go ahead with the shop offering the AAs?

If it is your firSt time under there, and you are on stands, you're going to have one hell of a time. It's a pain in the ass with what room you have to work with, and doing it on stands is even more limiting.

It really comes down to if you're up for a large challenge or not, if you have the will power to possibly take 6 hours or more to do the job, then by all means go ahead, but if you're not sure if you're comfortable doing it, I would definitely have a shop do it

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