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Need detailed guidance on two functions

I want to know how to code two things:
Get rid of the O2 sensor/warning
Get rid of the [famous] seat belt&airbag warning light (caused by the recalled broken module under the passenger seat)

Right now, i'm using NCSexpert with BMW coding tool and it seems to be pretty simple to use.... just need to know which functions to change. If i need a different program, i'd appreciate that you send me a link to download it and a pretty thorough guide on how to use it (or someone can walk me through it?)

Also, i seen in my guide that i can make the angel eye brighter by changing the value in PWM_SL_1_FKT_SL_TFL to "wert_09" , but will that increase to too much voltage? i don't want to slam 15V+ into my AE's... maybe just 13 or something... or would it be safer just to leave it alone?

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