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Common on turbo studs and bolts we see because of the heat. Not only on these cars but many others. If you can get in there take a small hammer and give some nice raps right on the head solid, this shocking really helps in breaking things lose. Make sure you get a nice solid hit directly on the end so you dont snap it off. Then and this is key, you are going to have to work it back and forth. if you get a tiny turn out, take whatever you are using to turn it back the other way, use this method and you can get it turn out a little at a time where if you just tried to back it out, its most likely going to break if it is really seized. I am a firm believer any bolt or stud can be removed without breaking if you give it the proper time and and tools. I do also agree with the propane torch on the head itself not the stud, on turbine housings we use oxy / acy torches as they can take the heat but the aluminum cant. Get it nice and hot, whack it nice and straight and while the its still hot trying turning it out and see if it moves, repeat until you get it out. Good luck